Hunger Games Abstract

I go though phases where I like to do a lot of similar things or styles and then go off to something else. I have an obsessive yet short attention span. Lately I’ve been making a lot of Fan Art .  These are some of the paintings I’ve done for The Hunger Games. image Here are a couple more picturesimage Catching fire

image And Mocking Jay


Iron Man Fan Art

imageI was pretty happy with the way this one turned out. I think his eye especially looks good. It was the last layer and it was interesting to see what a difference that one piece could make. He has very distinctive eyes. If you just look at that one eye you can tell who it is.

On most of my other fan art I do the background first then add the stencil. This one originally had a solid red background but when I was finished I still felt like it was missing something. That’s when I added the flames. I think it turned out pretty well.

R2-D2 Fan Art

image This is the last in the Star Wars on vinyl series. I did the painting on this one a little differently. I usually start with the darkest color then layer the light ones until I end with white. This time I started with the white, because there was so much more of this. I seemed to work. I just had to be careful about the way I kept track of which stencil went with which color, since they were out of sequence for me.

Darth Vader on Vinyl

image I made a set of these Star Wars records. The stencil are easy to print out because the images fit on a standard size piece of printer paper.

I learned an important lesson while making these. If you are spray painting outside in the summer make sure your material doesn’t warp in the sun. Lesson learned. But I think it gives it character.

Deadpool fan art

image I did some Deadpool fan art for my son, who is a fan. This first one was on canvas. Once again I made the stencils then used spray paint to create

image This second one was painted on a vinyl record. I saw an ad in the classifieds for a box or records for sale. My mind started working on all sorts of artistic ways to use them. This was the first way. I did a few other paintings that I will post later. And I’m working on a bigger project using the records that i’m really excited to finish. I’ll post photos when it’s ready to share

Another abstract Darth Vader


I was really happy with the way this one turned out. I did it a little bit backwards. I painted over the abstract  background and used it it as a layer of the stencil.

This piece also represents an improvement in my mental state. I decided to force myself out of my comfort zone. After battling an army of self doubt I gathered up all my courage an opened a store on Etsy. This was a HUGE step for me. But once again as soon as I was finished setting it up I had this awesome feeling of accomplishment. That feeling only got better when I sold this piece. I was so excited. I squealed the news to my husband and called my mom. I felt like I could really call myself an artist now.

The lesson I learned is that there are some great things waiting for us outside our comfort zone

Harry Potter Painting


Here’s more of my fan art. I made these stencils and then used spray paint to paint them on 12×12 canvases. Each of these were 4 layers of stencils.  If you’re interested in making your own stencils there are many good videos on Youtube.. The success of the stencil depends alot on how much time you take designing it and then taking your time in cutting it out. Its not rocket science and it doesn’t take a lot of artist ability to be successful. Its a great project for anyone. And fan art paintings like this make great presents because you can make if for anyones tastes. Try a one or two layer stencil to start.