Art is Necessary


This is from my “Art” art journal.  I did this journal a little differently than most. For a lot of it I created the pages while I was in meetings. I found out in college that I could sometimes concentrate better if I was doodling. This has kind of continued on. So I would take my journal with me and when I got a chance(when it wasn’t distracting) I would work on it. The results are more simple, because I couldn’t use paint or any mixed media material,l but I think it’s successful.

Creativity Definance


I did two versions of this.


I liked this thought. I think when we create we are doing something that hasnt been done before  and that defies the common beliefs. I think of different eras of art and how those artists defied what was accepted to create their own style. I think now there are no limits to what we can try.

What is your foundation?


I heard I talk a couple of years ago asking this question and it kinda stayed with me. It made me consider what I stand for. What is my life based on? Are they good things that are going to bring me strength? Or are they meaningless things that wont matter when things get difficult? It definitely gave me something to think about.

Express yourself through Art


This is from my “Art” art journal. I liked this quote. I’m not that great with words so this definitely makes sense to me.

I did this page a while ago. I would do the lettering differently if I were to do it again. But we learn more each time we create.

Art makes dreams come true


This is another page from my “Art” journal. I like it because I think that art can encourage you to think outside the box. Everytime that you paint or draw sometime you are creating something that’s never been done before. My favorite kind of art is when I come up with something new.

Art is Manic


I thought I would share another page from my “Art” art journal. For me art really is manic…by several definitions.

It can be frenetic, obsessive, crazy, overwhelming in good and bad ways. I never really figured out if  art brought on the mania or if the mania brought on the art. They just kinda went hand in hand.

imageThere’s kind of a lesson end learned with this painting.  I was going to use heavy gel medium and black paint  to cover the painting and give it texture. Then scratch the word TRY through the black layer to be able to see the multicolored painting underneath.  Well instead if using black paint I used black gesso. Let’s just say it was not successful. You can’t scratch through gesso very well.  So I had to change direction and cut the letters out of a different painting. I then amended the title to TRY……again.