Picasso on Creativity

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I love this quote. Does this mean that if you are creative that you don’t have good sense?

I think Picasso was onto something with this thought. If we were being practical we wouldn’t create art. Especially in this day with technology the way it is. There are computers and machinery that can make just about everything that I can. So why do it? . Because we enjoy it? Because it is in our nature? Because we have to?  It’s probably all of the above.


Just Try


This is meant to motivate me to not give up .Don’t get down on yourself. Just Try.

How often do we miss out on something good because we don’t try. Most times its not because we’re too busy, it’s because we are afraid to try. Whether it’s trying something new, going somewhere new, or just stepping outside your comfort zone push yourself to TRY. It really won’t matter if your endeavor is successful or not because YOU will be successful just for trying.

Last year I decided that I wanted to step outside my comfort zone where art was concerned. I sucked up all my courage(while beating down as much self doubt as possible) and submitted one of my Art Journal pages to a magazine. I was terrified. Guess what? As soon as I handed it over to the Fed Ex lady I felt a sense of accomplishment. Like a self made pat on the back. I had done something really difficult for me and I survived.  I would love to say that they loved the piece and published it on the cover. That would make a great story but it didn’t happen that way.  Nope, it got rejected. But I had gotten a taste of self confidence and decided to submit something else and guess what? That piece was accepted and published. It never could have happened if I didn’t try.

So my message today is to try something outside your comfort zone. Remember baby steps still get you where you want to go.

Positive Steps


I did this as a tribute to the positive steps that I was taking in my emotional life and how they were seen in my art life. When I started painting and doing art journaling my work seemed very dark. This piece still has some of that. The purple,as a cool color seems sad to me. But it has lighter colors like the pink and green that seem more neutral. I really see this as a visible step in the right direction. Just like it takes many steps to accomplish any art project, it takes many steps to recover from the damages to your mind from depression and anxiety. But I have been taking steps. The great thing about taking steps, be they baby steps or long strides, is they get you moving.

Just point yourself in the right direction and take those baby steps.