Cheer your Efforts

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I really needed to look at this piece today. I could use the inspiration.

I have been working on an art project and it has been very frustrating. The worst of it was that, after all the work, it didn’t turn out very well. It was definitely not worth the time I spent on it.  Now I have to tell myself that even though it wasn’t a great project it’s still better than wondering whether or not I could do it. So I’m dealing with a sense of dissatisfaction instead of regret.I know that my dissatisfaction will be gone by the time I start a new project but regret can eat you up. So I’ll choose to not have regrets about art.


Art is Obsessive


This is a page from my “Art” art journal. I was trying to think of ways to describe what art means to me

And for me art is obsessive, in both good and bad ways. When I start an art project or decide to try something new , it can pretty much takes over my life. It’s all I want to do and other things get push to the background.   That’s good for the art, but not so good for my house or the quality of meals that my family gets. I usually get a big obsessive burst and then things start to settle down a bit, at least until the next obsession hits.

Imagine Greatness


You can get a sense that my emotional state has improved by this piece. I first created the stencil then used markers and gel pens for this

.I was trying to think of positive thoughts to inspire myself. I especially liked  “imagine greatness”. I really believe that we all have more talent and abilities than we are aware of. I think that our own fears are what  keep us from discovering them. Whether its a fear of trying something new or fear of reaching for something more. I think we are often the only thing holding us back. Just imagine what you could do if you didn’t have any self doubt.

I had an epiphany recently. I was thinking that we always tell our kids that they can do anything that they set their mind to. And we believe it. Why then do we stop feeling that way about ourselves? Why is it so easy to think that your kids can do anything but we can’t? It had me rethinking my future and opening myself up to some bigger dreams than I would have dared to consider before.

So my suggestion for today is to make something that will encourage you. Do an art journal page with an encouraging phrase, or a painting with positive words, or just doodle the words “you can do it”. The voice in your head is the one that you hear the most so strive to make some of those thoughts  encouraging ones!!

Picasso on Creativity

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I love this quote. Does this mean that if you are creative that you don’t have good sense?

I think Picasso was onto something with this thought. If we were being practical we wouldn’t create art. Especially in this day with technology the way it is. There are computers and machinery that can make just about everything that I can. So why do it? . Because we enjoy it? Because it is in our nature? Because we have to?  It’s probably all of the above.


Just Try


This is meant to motivate me to not give up .Don’t get down on yourself. Just Try.

How often do we miss out on something good because we don’t try. Most times its not because we’re too busy, it’s because we are afraid to try. Whether it’s trying something new, going somewhere new, or just stepping outside your comfort zone push yourself to TRY. It really won’t matter if your endeavor is successful or not because YOU will be successful just for trying.

Last year I decided that I wanted to step outside my comfort zone where art was concerned. I sucked up all my courage(while beating down as much self doubt as possible) and submitted one of my Art Journal pages to a magazine. I was terrified. Guess what? As soon as I handed it over to the Fed Ex lady I felt a sense of accomplishment. Like a self made pat on the back. I had done something really difficult for me and I survived.  I would love to say that they loved the piece and published it on the cover. That would make a great story but it didn’t happen that way.  Nope, it got rejected. But I had gotten a taste of self confidence and decided to submit something else and guess what? That piece was accepted and published. It never could have happened if I didn’t try.

So my message today is to try something outside your comfort zone. Remember baby steps still get you where you want to go.

Positive Steps


I did this as a tribute to the positive steps that I was taking in my emotional life and how they were seen in my art life. When I started painting and doing art journaling my work seemed very dark. This piece still has some of that. The purple,as a cool color seems sad to me. But it has lighter colors like the pink and green that seem more neutral. I really see this as a visible step in the right direction. Just like it takes many steps to accomplish any art project, it takes many steps to recover from the damages to your mind from depression and anxiety. But I have been taking steps. The great thing about taking steps, be they baby steps or long strides, is they get you moving.

Just point yourself in the right direction and take those baby steps.

Fear of starting an Art Project


This was me trying to move beyond my anxiety and start creating art again. I’m sure that most artists have that same feeling. Where do you start? What do you want it to look like? Will it be good enough? Should I even start? There are alot of negative thoughts that can confront you before you start any project. I know that I have felt them. I also know that it always gets better once I start. The doubts seem to take a backseat once I’m doing something. I often wonder how many people have great artistic gifts but don’t know it because they are afraid of not being good. I don’t want to be one of those people. I know that I will never be a great artist, but I am good enough for me.  And every time that I try something I get better.

If fear is stopping you from starting, ask yourself why. What are you really afraid of? If its of failing than remember it only has to be for you. No one has to see your art unless you want to show them. I have done tons of projects that no ones really seen, but I felt like making them. And I am more skilled because of it.

So go have fun and make something!!

Bound by Fear


I was really happy with the way this turned out but it makes me sad to look at. This was a really good depiction of my feelings at the time; trapped and bound by fear. Even though its painful to look back at this, I should really see it as inspirational because it  gives me a way to measure how far I’ve come.

Art Journaling Your Fear


When I first started doing Art journaling I was in a very bad place emotionally and some of my pieces definetely show that. I strongly remember feeling this way. I think we are all afraid of doing difficult things, but things were a little more severe for me. Difficult for me was leaving the house