Cheer your Efforts

imageI tu

I really needed to look at this piece today. I could use the inspiration.

I have been working on an art project and it has been very frustrating. The worst of it was that, after all the work, it didn’t turn out very well. It was definitely not worth the time I spent on it.  Now I have to tell myself that even though it wasn’t a great project it’s still better than wondering whether or not I could do it. So I’m dealing with a sense of dissatisfaction instead of regret.I know that my dissatisfaction will be gone by the time I start a new project but regret can eat you up. So I’ll choose to not have regrets about art.


Imagine Greatness


You can get a sense that my emotional state has improved by this piece. I first created the stencil then used markers and gel pens for this

.I was trying to think of positive thoughts to inspire myself. I especially liked  “imagine greatness”. I really believe that we all have more talent and abilities than we are aware of. I think that our own fears are what  keep us from discovering them. Whether its a fear of trying something new or fear of reaching for something more. I think we are often the only thing holding us back. Just imagine what you could do if you didn’t have any self doubt.

I had an epiphany recently. I was thinking that we always tell our kids that they can do anything that they set their mind to. And we believe it. Why then do we stop feeling that way about ourselves? Why is it so easy to think that your kids can do anything but we can’t? It had me rethinking my future and opening myself up to some bigger dreams than I would have dared to consider before.

So my suggestion for today is to make something that will encourage you. Do an art journal page with an encouraging phrase, or a painting with positive words, or just doodle the words “you can do it”. The voice in your head is the one that you hear the most so strive to make some of those thoughts  encouraging ones!!