R2-D2 Fan Art

image This is the last in the Star Wars on vinyl series. I did the painting on this one a little differently. I usually start with the darkest color then layer the light ones until I end with white. This time I started with the white, because there was so much more of this. I seemed to work. I just had to be careful about the way I kept track of which stencil went with which color, since they were out of sequence for me.

Darth Vader on Vinyl

image I made a set of these Star Wars records. The stencil are easy to print out because the images fit on a standard size piece of printer paper.

I learned an important lesson while making these. If you are spray painting outside in the summer make sure your material doesn’t warp in the sun. Lesson learned. But I think it gives it character.

Another abstract Darth Vader


I was really happy with the way this one turned out. I did it a little bit backwards. I painted over the abstract  background and used it it as a layer of the stencil.

This piece also represents an improvement in my mental state. I decided to force myself out of my comfort zone. After battling an army of self doubt I gathered up all my courage an opened a store on Etsy. This was a HUGE step for me. But once again as soon as I was finished setting it up I had this awesome feeling of accomplishment. That feeling only got better when I sold this piece. I was so excited. I squealed the news to my husband and called my mom. I felt like I could really call myself an artist now.

The lesson I learned is that there are some great things waiting for us outside our comfort zone